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Malaysia has the largest Muslim population but surprisingly that there are a few Modern Europe cuisine which certified with halal. The huge variety of halal cuisine reflects Europe’s multicultural heritage – from Central to South European – all can be found scattered at Casa De Madani.

Casa De Madani has been delighting its patrons with Modern European starting from the earlier of 2020. Offering a diverse menu select from seafood, beef, to large portions of vegan food. All sets served are shariah compliant and from high-quality source. 

halal is AN important principle in islam.
modern European cuisine

Casa De Madani is the first halal fine dining restaurant in Cyberjaya. All the food ingredients, such as flavorings, colorings and proteins, are certified halal.

The beef and chicken supplied to our restaurant are slaughtered (Al-Maitah), the Tomahawk Steak Wagyu that was imported from Kagoshima, Japan is certified Halal by Jakim Wagyu Slaughterhouse in Japan.

Pairing with special sauce

When almost all fine dining restaurant served alcohol drink, our restaurant free from any alcohol which is forbid in Islam. 

While wine is best when pairing with some food especially, steak Casa De Madani create a homemade sauce as an alternative to replace the wine.  

we ensure all the food prepared is halal